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Dear Doctor,

Have you found that each year it becomes more difficult to differentiate your practice from competing optical goods providers? Does some of your patients still seem concerned when told it takes so long to get their glasses? Could you use a truly reliable system that allows your lens only patients to keep their glasses while new lenses are being processed?

You're not alone. Mass marketers of optical goods know your major weakness. They also know the conventional remedies used to reduce the time necessary to deliver a pair of eyeglasses, such as edging equipment, lens casting machines and the additional personnel required to operate them, are very expensive and may take years to become profitable, if at all. Because of this, they feel comfortable that you will maintain status quo as they continue to bombard your patients with adds touting their lower prices and faster service.
e.lens Processing!
The secret One-Hour stores don't want you to know...

The e.lens system of optical lens ordering and laboratory processing allows your office to cut the time from exam to spectacle dispensing by up to 50%, without sacrificing quality and the only armamentarium required is your computer and e.lens!

+ Advantages to Practice
If you desire, e.lens can totally eliminate the need to send frames to your laboratory for processing! If your office depends on anything other than a local delivery service, this alone can improve laboratory turnaround time by two or more days and also help to eliminate lost frames.

e.lens allows your computer to instantly communicate the exact frame A, B, ED, Circumference and shape directly to your laboratory's lens processing equipment! Inaccurate "C" gagues are never used with e.lens. Your lab having instant and accurate frame data means ordered lenses will be processed quicker and will be as thin as the prescription and material allows.

Since e.lens directly links your computer to your laboratory's computer and processing equipment, lab errors are drastically reduced, if not totally eliminated!

The need to purchase expensive edging equipment and hire additional employees to remain service competitive is eliminated using e.lens. It's almost like having your laboratory right next door!

e.lens automatically builds a patient data base on your computer, allowing for easy reordering of lenses should a patient loose their glasses. e.lens can utilize this data to systematically send user customized e-mails to groups of patients for birthdays, exam recalls, follow ups, etc.
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